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yay to wedding projects. and when i say yay, i mean ugh…


i am getting married in october.  yay!  that i am excited about…i’m excited about marrying my fiance, i am excited about having a massive party, and i am excited about choosing everything and making it our own day.  however, i have decided to have lots of diy projects.  first i wanted specific invites, which one of my bridesmaids ended up doing for us- thanks lyndsay!  they are beautiful!  next i wanted to do our own centrepieces for a couple reasons…1. not sure if you know this, but flowers are expensive, 2. i wanted something specific, and thought it looked pretty easy to do.

i wanted wheatgrass centrepieces…i saw them online from another wedding, and thought it was simple and looked great!  who knew wheatgrass seeds would be so hard to find?!  so the wedding is in 2 months, and i have yet to find the actual thing the centrepieces will be made out of, and therefore yet to do any test runs.


mission #2:  grow centrepieces.

so far, not so good.


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here goes nothing!

ok, so I really like reading blogs.
i have a short list of some that i read everyday. religiously. about a month or so ago a wise person told me that anyone can write a blog- you just have to know what you’re passionate about.
well, i am passionate about the tv show lost, but that’s over.
i’m passionate about my friends and family. but i don’t think that would be an easy thing to blog about.  i’m also passionate about inserting smiley face emoticons whenever i write on the computer.  again, not so great to blog about.
i’ve got some pretty entertaining stories about my job (supply teaching), but that might get me into trouble.

the more i thought about it, the harder this blog thing seemed.

then it hit me.

this may seem silly, but just humour me for a minute-

there are often things that i see in stores/on tv/or just around in general, that i find myself saying “i could totally make that!” usually for various reasons.
sometimes it’s because they are so ridiculously super expensive. sometimes it really just looks easy and other times these things look  like they could just be fun!

sooooooooooo, in comes the blog idea. i thought i could write about stuff that i think i could make or do…. and actually do or make some of those things.

sounds boring? lets just wait and see!

mission 1: write a blog.

so far, so good.

ps  if you have an idea that i could try, i will def. consider it!  (just make sure it’s do-able!) 🙂


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