wedding wednesday #3

ok, here is my finished product for the banner i was making…. i couldn’t show you before because it was for a bachelorette party for one of my bridesmaids sandra- but here it is!  i was quite please if i do say so myself.

the lighting isn't great, but you get the idea!

on to my next project!

so, i was going to blog this week about my table chart, BUT after going to ikea with kathy on sunday (ps never go to ikea on sundays!), kathy found some super neat picture frames that we’re going to use to display our menus.  i’m pretty torn right now about posting a picture of them though- i love blogging about everything, but then people won’t be surprised on october 9th!!!

so, i’m going to take a little poll, for any of you that are reading….

would you rather see all the wedding details on here, or wait until the actual wedding and see it all together?!  that being said, you’re probably wondering what i would blog about if i wasn’t going to show what i’m working on?  i think i would be able to do it without giving everything away… unless you want me to give up all my ideas?! 😛

let me know peeps!

ok, so back to the picture frames.  i love them!  so what i need to do now is decide what colour paper to display the menus on, and how i’m going to get the menus on the paper.  should i get it printed, or write it on myself?  i do have pretty awesome writing if i do say so myself!  haha  i was pretty set on using different patterns and coloured paper for each frame, with the menus printed in black, but i saw a picture of menus done up yesterday, and i think i might just change my mind.  what is the new idea?  i think that’s my little secret.  for now.


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2 responses to “wedding wednesday #3

  1. Brendan Flattery

    Hey Rinny,

    As curious as I am, I’d rather wait and see them on the 9th!

    Also, there’s a site that let’s you incorporate polls right into your blog.

    From what I remember it’s pretty easy to setup.


  2. diddy

    well I don’t get to see it on October 9th… But I can wait for pictures. By the way, I am pumped to live vicariously through the photographic lens.

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