tuesday meal (again) #4


i’m thinking of changing the title of monday meals to weekly meals. haha  i always seem to have something going on, on mondays!  last night was not an exception- i worked the dreaded overnight shift at work….and it was ok.  i was however feeling like i was drunk for the first hour after waking up at 2pm today, but that’s cool.

today’s meal is according to the kraft website,  budget wi$e.  and for the most part it was.  again, i chose an easy recipe.

oh wait- i’m watching the office, and the one where dwight creates a  fake fire is on- who has seen it? for reals it’s the funniest thing on tv i’ve ever seen!


ok, i digress. back to the meal!

i decided to do a foil pack meal… where you basically throw everything in a foil pack, and bake it in the oven.  never done one before, and thought it looked neat.  i will link the recipe below in case you want to attempt it yourself as well.


it’s basically chicken, rice, artichoke, tomatoes, pesto, and italian dressing.  honestly, it was mega easy.  you really just throw the rice, chicken, artichoke, and tomatoes into a foil piece for each serving, and combing the dressing and pesto, and pour it onto each serving.  that my friends didn’t look appetizing, but what raw food does?  am i right?


once it’s all in the pack, you fold it up, leaving room for “circulation”?!, then 35 minutes later you take it out of the oven.

OH- i almost forgot!  i found that i have learned something from making these weekly meals- never over fill whatever you are making!  when i started wrapping up the first pack, i realized it was too full, and it started leaking everywhere.  instead of just dabbing it up, and cooking anyways, i repacked it so it wouldn’t F-up the oven again.  yea to learning something this week! 😛

booya.  dinner done.

conclusion:   tastes pretty good.  the clean up was definitely easy, as there were really no dishes to clean up.  it did taste a little tangy almost, which could have come from a number of ingredients- the pesto, the artichokes, or the fact that the tomatoes were marinated in garlic.  over all great, but i think i would go with another kind of flavour next time.



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2 responses to “tuesday meal (again) #4

  1. Lyndsay

    You and Matt are becoming the same person! Funny people though!!

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