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doesn’t anyone have any NEW ideas?!

best 80's dance movie. period. i said it.


so i was in old navy wednesday afternoon (i had a coupon for 50% off 1 coat!), and all of a sudden a song from one of my top 3 favourite movies comes on.  i don’t expect you all to know the song, but it’s called “dancing in heaven“, and it’s from “girls just want to have fun“.  if you’ve never seen the movie, then let me tell you, you are missing out!  seriously.  it is 80’s cheesy movies at it’s best, AND you can see younger versions of Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, Shannon Doherty, and Johnathon Silverman.  with a cast like that, how can it be bad?  anywho, the plot goes something like this- a teenage SJP movies to Chicago- home of Dance TV, the cool hit show full of dancing, and great music (kind of like Electric Circus, only the dancing is choreographed!).  Basically SJP ends up trying out to be on the show along they way making friends with Helen Hunt, crashing a rich girl’s party, finding a boyfriend, and sneaking out of her house only to get caught and grounded.  honestly it’s awesome.  so when i heard the song, i was a). shocked, and b) super pumped!  if you were to have been in old navy that afternoon, you would have been able to hear some awesome off-key singing. 

this got me thinking about movies.  and how there are more and more remakes coming out all the time.

case in point- one of my faves, “girls just want to have fun”.  apparently this is being redone and rewritten for….wait for it…………. Miley Cyrus.  Miley Cyrus will be playing a role that SJP did?  umm hello!  does anyone else see something wrong with this?

second- footloose!  how can you redo something already so good?  a former Justin Timberlake back up dancer is taking over kevin bacon’s role.  ugh.  really?  will i see the movie?  probably.  will i enjoy it.  i almost don’t want to, just to prove a point.

third- fame.  what?  who even saw that remake? (ok, well i did, but that’s besides the point)

fourth- top. gun.  seriously.  they are remaking top gun, sorry correction, they are reinventing top gun…. whatever the hell that means. 

my point?  most movies are remakes. oh, i just thought of another one!  karate kid!  with one of the smith clan. oh, and what about all the brady bunch movies?  those are remakes of the tv show right?  where are the new ideas?  yes, some remakes are good…. (another case in point- did you know Father of the Bride is a remake?  it sure is, and it’s also my most favourite movie of all time), but for the most part, unnecessary.

alright…that’s my late night rant.  can any of you think of great movies that didn’t need to be redone?  OR those that were redone, but the newer version was better?!  i want to hear about it!!! 🙂

alright folks, in the words of cher (from another great movie which was also remade into a TV show!!!)- i’m outtie.  see y’all on the flip side.


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first book(s) chosen!

sooooooooooo, after posting the top 100 list, and saying i was going to start reading them, i didn’t really go anywhere from there.  i didn’t tell  you what my goal was (well other than the obvious), and i didn’t really say where i was starting from.  i have chosen my starting point- The Chronicles of Narnia.  I have definitely read the first 2 (The Magician’s Nephew, and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe), but as a refresher will  read the whole 7 book series. 

any faves of the 7?  i can’t wait to get started!

speaking of the Chronicles of Narnia….. who hasn’t already seen the SNL digital short??  hilarious.  for reals.

ok, i’ll let you know how i make out! 

Oh, if you wanted we could start an online book club,  and we can update everyone on here in the comments section about how everyone is doing, and what we all thought about the books!

OK- here’s how it will go!  Everyone who wants to can start with The Magician’s Nephew!  And in a week (next Friday) we’ll start commenting on here and give our opinion on the book!  Alright peeps, don’t let me down!  I know some of you read the blog at least weekly, as I can tell how many people read it every day!  For real I’d like to see some comments on Friday! 😀

later gators!

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our (extremely long, super fun, tiring, eventful, expensive) big day!

it’s over.

all the planning, all the work, diy-ing, trips to michaels, daily wedding blog checking, constant money being handed out, wedding magazines being bought, frantic emails to bridesmaids and family for help with last-minute details…. it’s finished.  centerpieces were grown, menus were written, 150 airplanes folded, labelled, bagged, then set up…. all the prep and work has come to an end!  people came, they watched us pledge our love to each other, they ate, they drank, danced, ate again, and left.  it almost seems silly to think about how much work goes into one day.  i actually am ok with everything being done.  i have however, come to the realization that i love making things.  and from what i’ve been told, i guess i’m pretty good at it 🙂 so that was exciting.  it’s nice to see that all the effort was worth it!

Soooooooooo, you are all aware that i did create, or help create almost all the decor that we used for the wedding.  well here my friends are those little details!  I’ll go into detail about them all in their own posts.

the centrepieces were grown by Matt and my mom & doug!

the flower on my dress was handmade by moi!

menu! it's just pencil crayon on cardstock...the other side has a stamp on it (see picture #1)

one of 150+ planes that were hand folded by myself and the bridesmaids!

plane + centrepiece shot...

i also ended up putting the ceremony program on a chalkboard which was framed….it however didn’t make it to the ceremony site until 5 minutes before the wedding.  so apparently there are no pictures of it!  we also put together the bridesmaids bouquets…and when i say we, i mean mostly kathryn johnston.  so yay kathryn! 🙂

i did end up putting pom poms on all of the bridesmaid bouquets!  AND i also ended up creating another banner…which only a select few have seen….doesn’t make sense you say?  stay tuned!!!

sigh.  so although it’s all over, we’re almost overwhelmed with going through our old “stuff” and finding place for our brand new stuff.  along with thank you card writing (still from the showers! :S), and house cleaning in general (as it was sorely skipped in the last weeks leading up to the big day!). 

there will still be a couple of wedding posts explaining how i did things, or how matt did things!  and when we get through all that… don’t fret, there’ll be stuff to blog about!  you can’t get rid of me that easily!!!!! 

that extra dessert may have to be posted on the weekend.  teaching and retail have me keeping busy over the next couple days.

until then, 

don’t be a fool, stay in school.




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relish today, ketchup tomorrow…

mmmmm hot dogs!

… get it? ketchup tomorrow- haha

what does this have to do with today’s blogging post you ask?  well my friends a lot.

1. this week’s meal is hotdogs.  already know how to cook hotdogs?  yea me too, but here’s the thing i had never done which did make it a valid weekly meal- i had never ever used a barbecue before.  seriously.  my dad thoroughly enjoyed bbqing while growing up, so did my mom, brother, and now matt.  i’ve never really had a reason to learn how when there were so many other people around who wanted to do it.  so when we decided last sunday that we would bbq some hotdogs on what could be the last good weather barbecuing day of the year, i wanted to do it.

2. for those of you who have had the fortunate experience of growing up with me, you should know that i really really really like relish.  so much that last year while at costco, i purchased a GINORMOUS container of relish.  you know what i mean the kind that really only a restaurant or hotdog vendor would need.  not really sure what came over me, but the running joke over the last year was that we should give out relish as our favours at the wedding.  haha.  hilarious.  fyi- we are half way through the container.  so there.  i’m predicting a full finish next summer.

3. i just thought the comment was funny.  and guess where i came up with it?  i actually googled “sayings about hotdogs” in hopes to find a catchy title for this post.  did you know there is actually a company that specializes in hotdog paraphernalia.  you could purchase a mouse pad, t-shirt, pin, shoes, mug or apron if your heart so desires.

alright, back to the experience.  first, i almost set matt’s eye brows on fire- i didn’t realize that you really needed to be quick lighting the barbecue, once you’ve turned on the gas switch.  from there it was pretty uneventful.  the hotdogs weren’t frozen, so they were ready in no time.  i did end up using silver salad tongs because we couldn’t find our normal bbq tongs, and they ended up kind of ripping the hotdogs a bit.  other than that it was fine 🙂  yay hot dogs!  yay bbqs!

ohhhh, don't these look delicious?! perhaps i'll try making these!

Since it was such an “easy” “meal” i’ll see if i can make/post something else little this week to add to it like a dessert i’ve never done….

mmmm dessert.  ohhhhhhhhhh how about a pumpkin dessert of some kind in honour of halloween?!?!  yeaaaaa!

tune in tomorrow- same bat time, same bat channel.

yours truly,

epf. 😛

PS our camera died this weekend, and i can’t find our usb cord…so none of our own pictures for now 😦


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sandra and derek’s diy wedding! :)

alright, here is the long awaited wedding i’ve been talking about for like 2 months….. i was too busy getting pictures taken, and doing bridesmaid duties to take photos of the fabulous little details that sandra did, so i waited until lots of pics were posted on facebook….and then i stole them.

hey- what else is facebook good for? 😀

Candy buffet!


table assignments were written on window panes!

which kind of looked like this when set up!

signs like these lined the way to the ceremony


sandra also printed her own programs which were really pretty, AND did little bags up for the candy buffet which were stamped with a matching flower from her invites!  super cute!  those my friends, i do not have pictures of, but if you’re lucky i will look for them this weekend, and try to scan and post next week!

let me tell you people; speaking from experience, if you are doing it yourself for wedding projects,  michaels and the dollar store will become your new favourite stores.  sandra’s candy buffet pots were from the dollar store…for reals.  and most of the rest of them were from michaels.  i actually looked forward to getting emailed 40% off coupons from michaels every thursday… if you are getting married sign up- they will help you!   i went there so much i’m actually kind of going through michaels’ withdrawl!  i need a new project- perhaps that’s why i’ve started doing home renos!

but that my friends will be another blog entry!

that’s it for now yo.

see y’all on the flip side.  Monday meals for real on Monday.  promise!

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blogging=epic fail. wedding=awesome.

we're married!

so, i’m back from an unannounced blogging hiatus.


the wedding has happened, and it was fabulous!  for real!  i couldn’t have asked for a better night!  except for when the dj lost his source of music, or when the vase shattered during the ceremony, or when you couldn’t hear any of the speeches because of the size of the room…. haha.  even with all of those cons, the pros far outweighed them, and a good time was had by all! 😀  (or so i’ve been told!) (PS all of those “cons” actually helped to make the night better/funnier/more memorable!)

that being said, i am planning on returning to the blogging scene…i’ve got lots of wedding projects that were done, and documented, as well as sandra’s wedding still to be blogged about!  i’ve also got to make a monday meals comeback, which, as i’ve discussed in the past might be changed to “weekly meals”, as i seem to be working every monday for the next 4 weeks.

regardless, it’s back to the blogging grind….as the saying goes, there’s no rest for the wicked.

muah hahahahaahaha.

later gator 😉

thurlow out.

haha just kidding, it’s still flattery for now!


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