blogging=epic fail. wedding=awesome.

we're married!

so, i’m back from an unannounced blogging hiatus.


the wedding has happened, and it was fabulous!  for real!  i couldn’t have asked for a better night!  except for when the dj lost his source of music, or when the vase shattered during the ceremony, or when you couldn’t hear any of the speeches because of the size of the room…. haha.  even with all of those cons, the pros far outweighed them, and a good time was had by all! 😀  (or so i’ve been told!) (PS all of those “cons” actually helped to make the night better/funnier/more memorable!)

that being said, i am planning on returning to the blogging scene…i’ve got lots of wedding projects that were done, and documented, as well as sandra’s wedding still to be blogged about!  i’ve also got to make a monday meals comeback, which, as i’ve discussed in the past might be changed to “weekly meals”, as i seem to be working every monday for the next 4 weeks.

regardless, it’s back to the blogging grind….as the saying goes, there’s no rest for the wicked.

muah hahahahaahaha.

later gator 😉

thurlow out.

haha just kidding, it’s still flattery for now!


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3 responses to “blogging=epic fail. wedding=awesome.

  1. Bai

    I was there! It WAS awesome! Good job and congrats again Erin! Also you have very attractive friends and family members (I’m also including myself as an attractive friend). Oh and don’t forget you almost wiped out not once, but TWICE in that wedding dress coming over to see me. That’s some serious friendship right there. 😀


    • hahahah It’s true I did almost wipe out twice! Damn dress! Could you imagine if I had been wearing heels? Totally would have face planted!

      • Bai

        What’s really great about your wedding is how many mentions I got from you. I have all sorts of good stories since you were either shouting at me, almost wiping out, thanking me in an echo-y speech.

        I don’t think I’ll get that much praise at my own wedding, should it ever happen!


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