doesn’t anyone have any NEW ideas?!

best 80's dance movie. period. i said it.


so i was in old navy wednesday afternoon (i had a coupon for 50% off 1 coat!), and all of a sudden a song from one of my top 3 favourite movies comes on.  i don’t expect you all to know the song, but it’s called “dancing in heaven“, and it’s from “girls just want to have fun“.  if you’ve never seen the movie, then let me tell you, you are missing out!  seriously.  it is 80’s cheesy movies at it’s best, AND you can see younger versions of Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, Shannon Doherty, and Johnathon Silverman.  with a cast like that, how can it be bad?  anywho, the plot goes something like this- a teenage SJP movies to Chicago- home of Dance TV, the cool hit show full of dancing, and great music (kind of like Electric Circus, only the dancing is choreographed!).  Basically SJP ends up trying out to be on the show along they way making friends with Helen Hunt, crashing a rich girl’s party, finding a boyfriend, and sneaking out of her house only to get caught and grounded.  honestly it’s awesome.  so when i heard the song, i was a). shocked, and b) super pumped!  if you were to have been in old navy that afternoon, you would have been able to hear some awesome off-key singing. 

this got me thinking about movies.  and how there are more and more remakes coming out all the time.

case in point- one of my faves, “girls just want to have fun”.  apparently this is being redone and rewritten for….wait for it…………. Miley Cyrus.  Miley Cyrus will be playing a role that SJP did?  umm hello!  does anyone else see something wrong with this?

second- footloose!  how can you redo something already so good?  a former Justin Timberlake back up dancer is taking over kevin bacon’s role.  ugh.  really?  will i see the movie?  probably.  will i enjoy it.  i almost don’t want to, just to prove a point.

third- fame.  what?  who even saw that remake? (ok, well i did, but that’s besides the point)

fourth- top. gun.  seriously.  they are remaking top gun, sorry correction, they are reinventing top gun…. whatever the hell that means. 

my point?  most movies are remakes. oh, i just thought of another one!  karate kid!  with one of the smith clan. oh, and what about all the brady bunch movies?  those are remakes of the tv show right?  where are the new ideas?  yes, some remakes are good…. (another case in point- did you know Father of the Bride is a remake?  it sure is, and it’s also my most favourite movie of all time), but for the most part, unnecessary.

alright…that’s my late night rant.  can any of you think of great movies that didn’t need to be redone?  OR those that were redone, but the newer version was better?!  i want to hear about it!!! 🙂

alright folks, in the words of cher (from another great movie which was also remade into a TV show!!!)- i’m outtie.  see y’all on the flip side.


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3 responses to “doesn’t anyone have any NEW ideas?!

  1. Bai

    Don’t forget, Spider-man is getting a reboot as well since Sony licensed the rights for 6 movies, but didn’t resign any of the cast (I believe none of them wanted to do any more or it was a money thing).

    The Incredible Hulk was a reboot of The Hulk … hah who reboots a franchise after 1 movie?!

    I realize these examples aren’t exactly Oscar winners, but you’re right, Hollywood loves to remake/reimagine/reboot stuff. That being said, it’s nothing new, I’m pretty sure it’s been going on for a LONG time.


  2. Wait? They are remaking Footloose!? Nooooo. I love Bacon in that movie. And didn’t they also remake Herbie with Lindsay Lohan. Yeah, lol, that was a winner.

    I loved Girls Just Want to Have Fun. It’s such a classic and I love the barely known, young SJP in it. I don’t think I’ll be seeing the Miley Cyrus version.

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