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Daaaaaaamn. They didn’t lie when they said Buckley’s tastes awful!


Did I post the other 2 blog posts I said I would do by the end of last week?  No.  With good reason though, I swear!

I have been in bed sick with a Naaaaasssty cough that rivals anything I have ever had.  For reals. 

For those of you who know me, you might not believe it, as my coughs have normally been given such endearing nicknames as “Kennel cough” and “Smoker’s cough” (no I’m not a dog, nor a smoker!). 

This one rattles my whole body with every cough, and has actually made me wake up sore the last 2 mornings from I guess shaking me so much, or using so many muscles to combat the actual coughing?!  Either way it sucks.  I feel like I can’t think straight.  This post is taking me like way too long too.  Seriously for about 3 minutes I sat staring at the keyboard looking for the apostrophe.  Seriously.  (no seriously)  (It’s 2 buttons to the right of the L in case you were wondering yourself)

My arms are actually exhausted from typing this, and I’m somehow out of breath.

As soon as I feel up to it, I will pump out at least 2 new posts.

Here’s hoping you don’t get what I get!

– erin


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short & sweet

Hello all!

For some reason I have had no motivation to post over the last 2 weeks or so…. could be due to the insane amount of supply work I’ve been doing!  AND not to mention I do still have a part-time job on top of that?!


I’m just here to reassure you all that YES!  I am still alive, in case you were wondering! 😛


YES! I have done a new Monday Meal….  I definitely do not have time to post it right now.  Soooorrrrrryyyyy!  It’s 1130 pm, and I need to get up at 630am so I can 1. volunteer in Hamilton all day, and 2. work again at my other job until 9pm. booooooooooo to that.

Not looking forward to the working part of the day, but excited to get back into the school I’ve been volunteering at!

Also- it is a day of pink celebration thing at the part-time job…we are encouraged to wear pink along with our uniforms to show support for the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers.  No, it’s not this weekend, but the sign up starts tomorrow I think, and we’re promoting it… kind of.?  (I looked into it, and the sign ups don’t start tomorrow, they have been going on for a while…I guess we’re really just promoting it.) Anyways, that’s something to look forward to tomorrow night.  I bought pink headbands just for the occasion! 🙂  Interested in the walk/run/charity event?  Click here!  I thought about doing it, but not sure if I really could.  I would however like to look into volunteering for it!

Ok, I really need to go to bed.  There’s so much more to tell you about though!  I PROMISE I will have 2 more posts this week! (lucky you!)

Ok, see ya later alligators.


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$h*! my Students Say.

As a supply teacher, I get to meet many different children of all ages, on a daily basis.   I also get to hear many questions, statements, opinions, and thoughts in general that are quite ridiculous/hilarious/shocking/and just plain awesome.  This blog post my friends, is an homage to those students and their thoughts….

  • “Ms. F you look like you’re a lot younger there.”  (after seeing a picture of me at my wedding (a month before)…back-handed compliment, or just sad about how I look on a daily basis?! haha
  • student: “Erin!”  me: “Oh, we can’t call me by my first name today- I’m your teacher!”  student: “Oh, ok.  Everyone this is my aunt, Mrs. E”.  (After teaching my niece for a class)
  • “F*ck off.”  (for real, and quite a bit actually.)
  • Me: “I don’t want to hear your voice for the rest of the movie.” Student: “I don’t want to hear yours either.” (Maybe my favourite.)
  • student: “and I was like whatever bitch”  me: “Ummm, did you realize there’s a teacher right behind you?”  student: “Oh sh*t sorry!  I thought you were a student!”  (lunch room duty in a grade 8 class)
  • this one didn’t happen to me, but a friend….  student: “I don’t like the sound of your name, but I sure do like the look of you” (a grade one said that beaut.)
  • “Hey Mrs. Flowery!”  (last name = Flattery)
  • “Maybe I’ll listen to you when you’re a real teacher.” (Another wonderful grade 8 student)
  • “Ohhhhhh.  Your scarf is just beautiful!”  This was a kindergartener (boy!) who said this as he was stroking the scarf in his hand.
  • “Are you and my real teacher sisters?  Cause you look the same, but she’s got wrinkles, so she must be older.” (grade one)

These next 2 aren’t from my students, but my nephews on Christmas this year…

  • “All I wanted was money.  I just wanted money!”  (4 year old boy after getting some Mac trucks as his gift.)
  • “How did you know?!”  (different nephew after we gave him DS games for the DS Santa gave him that morning!) 🙂

I know I’ve got soooooo many more, but do you think I can remember them now that I want to?  nope.

If any of you teachers have some of your own funny comments from kids, reply!  We’ll see how many we can add to the list! 🙂


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Wedding Sunday!

Hey everyone!

So as I mentioned in my last post, I was going through the pics on the camera, and came across a) pics that I don’t remember I took, and b) pics that Matt took of his project for the wedding.  YES!  Matt had a diy project that started out pretty slow, and had us thinking we were definitely going to buy our centrepieces!

Alright, I’ll refresh your memory….. our centrepieces were wheatgrass, with flowers stuck in them.  No we didn’t grow the flowers that seemed to be growing out of them, but Matt, and my mom (and Doug!) grew the wheat grass- 20 centrepieces each!  That may not seem like a lot, but it involved 20 pretty big tray things that they sat on, lots of soil, lots of wheatgrass seed, and lots of patience.

Here’s some of the pics Matt took!

the supplies

pretty proud of his project

3 of the 20 trays

the 20 centrepieces

So that was the start of the centrepieces.

How did they look while growing for over a month in our garage?  Pretty funny.  I mean it’s grass.  It started out all sparse, and we were really really scared we would have to fork out more money.  Matt did an awesome job, watering and looking in on them everyday.  It was cute.

Ohhhh, you meant show you the pictures of them during the month…..

We kind of forgot to take pictures of them. :S

We do however have a couple pics of how they looked during the wedding….quite awesome if I do say so myself!

AND might I add, that my mom (and Doug!)’s looked way better than ours…. I mean Matt did an awesome job, but my mom’s were clearly the winner!  Hers were the ones on most of the tables, and in places where pics might be taken! 😛

there's another good view!

thinking of doing your own wheatgrass centrepieces?  here’s a couple things we (Matt and my mom (and Doug!)) learned:

  • squirrels like wheatgrass seeds
  • squirrels like to mess stuff up for the fun of it
  • squirrels are the devil
  • it is very VERY hard to transport these centrepieces- my mom managed to get tons of banana boxes from No Frills, which made it much easier, but you still need a really REALLY large car/truck to get these suckers wherever you want them!

All we did afterwards was buy the flowers to stick in the wheatgrass to make it look like they were growing out of the grass.

Oh- tip for that…get light flowers that are pretty hardy… like online it said to use gerbera daisies, but I will tell you this- they didn’t work.  The actual flower was too heavy, which made the grass and flower droop.  The ones I thought looked and worked the best were carnations!  CARNATIONS!  They’re not just for cheesy bouquets and prom corsages people….they’re cute. I’m trying to bring carnations back a la Carrie Bradshaw.  (I love them!  I also used them as one of our bridesmaid bouquets, and the girls were arguing over who got it!)

Ok, that’s it for now….

I did get a teaser pic from the photographer today.  I’ll share with you all-

photo by Jayme Van Geest *

Can’t wait for the rest!  I’ll post them as soon as I get them!!!!!!!


PS if you like our pics, check out our photographer!  Super awesome!


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