$h*! my Students Say.

As a supply teacher, I get to meet many different children of all ages, on a daily basis.   I also get to hear many questions, statements, opinions, and thoughts in general that are quite ridiculous/hilarious/shocking/and just plain awesome.  This blog post my friends, is an homage to those students and their thoughts….

  • “Ms. F you look like you’re a lot younger there.”  (after seeing a picture of me at my wedding (a month before)…back-handed compliment, or just sad about how I look on a daily basis?! haha
  • student: “Erin!”  me: “Oh, we can’t call me by my first name today- I’m your teacher!”  student: “Oh, ok.  Everyone this is my aunt, Mrs. E”.  (After teaching my niece for a class)
  • “F*ck off.”  (for real, and quite a bit actually.)
  • Me: “I don’t want to hear your voice for the rest of the movie.” Student: “I don’t want to hear yours either.” (Maybe my favourite.)
  • student: “and I was like whatever bitch”  me: “Ummm, did you realize there’s a teacher right behind you?”  student: “Oh sh*t sorry!  I thought you were a student!”  (lunch room duty in a grade 8 class)
  • this one didn’t happen to me, but a friend….  student: “I don’t like the sound of your name, but I sure do like the look of you” (a grade one said that beaut.)
  • “Hey Mrs. Flowery!”  (last name = Flattery)
  • “Maybe I’ll listen to you when you’re a real teacher.” (Another wonderful grade 8 student)
  • “Ohhhhhh.  Your scarf is just beautiful!”  This was a kindergartener (boy!) who said this as he was stroking the scarf in his hand.
  • “Are you and my real teacher sisters?  Cause you look the same, but she’s got wrinkles, so she must be older.” (grade one)

These next 2 aren’t from my students, but my nephews on Christmas this year…

  • “All I wanted was money.  I just wanted money!”  (4 year old boy after getting some Mac trucks as his gift.)
  • “How did you know?!”  (different nephew after we gave him DS games for the DS Santa gave him that morning!) 🙂

I know I’ve got soooooo many more, but do you think I can remember them now that I want to?  nope.

If any of you teachers have some of your own funny comments from kids, reply!  We’ll see how many we can add to the list! 🙂


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4 responses to “$h*! my Students Say.

  1. Oh this was too funny! “I don’t want to hear yours either” was probably my favourite, lol 🙂 I have ADULT students (I help teach people that have been on welfare most of their lives about the working world), and some of the excuses they use for not coming in for the day are often hilarious… one person called in because it was raining, and I’ve had 2 people call in sick because it’s “that time of the month” lol…

    • haha
      That’s awesome Emily! Love the it’s raining excuse! 🙂
      I was reading your 26 by 26 list, and saw that you had managed to teach a class! I still get nervous, and I’m in my 3rd year… every September, or every new school I go to the butterflies still come back! IT’ll get easier, the more you do it!

  2. Bai

    A couple years ago, my niece and nephew determined that Uncle Eric’s initials were “EB” and the Easter Bunny’s initials were “EB” therefore Uncle Eric was in fact … The Easter Bunny.

    Case closed.


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