Daaaaaaamn. They didn’t lie when they said Buckley’s tastes awful!


Did I post the other 2 blog posts I said I would do by the end of last week?  No.  With good reason though, I swear!

I have been in bed sick with a Naaaaasssty cough that rivals anything I have ever had.  For reals. 

For those of you who know me, you might not believe it, as my coughs have normally been given such endearing nicknames as “Kennel cough” and “Smoker’s cough” (no I’m not a dog, nor a smoker!). 

This one rattles my whole body with every cough, and has actually made me wake up sore the last 2 mornings from I guess shaking me so much, or using so many muscles to combat the actual coughing?!  Either way it sucks.  I feel like I can’t think straight.  This post is taking me like way too long too.  Seriously for about 3 minutes I sat staring at the keyboard looking for the apostrophe.  Seriously.  (no seriously)  (It’s 2 buttons to the right of the L in case you were wondering yourself)

My arms are actually exhausted from typing this, and I’m somehow out of breath.

As soon as I feel up to it, I will pump out at least 2 new posts.

Here’s hoping you don’t get what I get!

– erin


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