and I’m leaving on a jet plane!

what up yo!

It’s Friday at 419pm, and I am about 12 hours away from being on a plane en route to Chicago.  What’s in Chicago?  Another plane that is waiting to take me to New Orleans!! 😀  haha

That’s right y’all, I’m headed to New Orleans for a couple days, then the San Francisco Bay area for another couple days.  I’m super pumped, and a little anxious all at the same time.  I’m travelling by myself.  Yes, I’ve done it before, but not in a long time.  I guess since I like to sleep when I drive/fly/train it anywhere, there won’t be much difference will there?

Anywho, can’t wait to be in a bit warmer weather even though I’ve been told New Orleans is very cold right now.  So cold, my friend has been wearing 3 layers daily.  yikes!  I will take it though in place of driving in the snow…..

I am also still not feeling 100%, hence the missing 2 posts!  Here’s a catch up one, AND I’m hoping to update at least once from New Orleans, and once from San Fran.  Ohhhhhhhh maybe my friends can do guest posts while I’m there!?  That could be fun!

Ok, I have more to pack! :S

Check ya lata 😛

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One response to “and I’m leaving on a jet plane!

  1. Bai

    YEAH! We’re going to post every day you’re here!


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