Back to the Book List….

It’s been forever since I spoke about the Top 100 Book List! Ahhhhh!  Well here I am back to discussing it.  I didn’t actually get to reading the rest of the Narnia Series, and I think I may have figured out why. 

It seems to me that when I set an expectation for myself, such as oh blogging 2 or 3 times a week, it almost becomes homework for me, even if it is something I enjoy doing. Strange? Maybe.  But an important discovery none the less.

So, here is what I suggest people:  I know a couple of you were interested in doing the whole book club thing which is awesome! So why don’t we read a book off the list, then read a “your choice book”  that way we do get a break, and it doesn’t feel like it’s a chore (since it’s most definitely not!)

Any suggestions on which book to start with?!? 🙂

Short but sweet post today.  No?


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2 responses to “Back to the Book List….

  1. Brendan

    Why not start with something short and fun, like Little Prince? It’s an easy one to cross off your list.

  2. That’s a good idea Brendan- thanks!
    Are you going to join me on my book list journey? 🙂

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