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Monday Meals- broccoli-carrot-pork-orange-walnut stir-fry

**This post has been sitting in my drafts since Monday.  I have been trying to add pictures, but WordPress keeps telling me there is an error.  So, here’s the post sans pics, when/if I’m ever allowed to add them, I will update with lovely photos. 🙂 **


So I showed up at work last night when I wasn’t scheduled.  First time in 14 years.  Awesome.  It was exciting to know that I got the night off though.  What did I do with those extra 6 hours?  I made stir-fry.  AND dessert.  Super ambitious.

I ended up combining 2 different stir-fry recipes I found on the Kraft Canada website: Rush-Hour Stir-fry, and Citrus Pork Stir-fry.  So friggen good!

Stir-fry is easy, but this stir-fry= super duper easy.  I went to Loblaws and ended up buying carrot slaw, and broccoli slaw.  First of all, I had no idea you could buy these already made.  They’re like pre-made salad in a bag- president’s choice makes them, so they’re super cheap too.  Yay for not shredding carrots and broccoli!!  AND I already had frozen “asian style” veggies (president’s choice as well!) in the freezer, so already 75% of my ingredients done.

Ok wait.  I’m not really setting this up right.

1. I sliced 3 thin pork chops into strips, and fried with a spray oil.  This took like 4 minutes.

2. Next, I added Asian Sesame salad dressing, and soy sauce.

3. I put all my carrot slaw, and broccoli slaw into the pan.

4. Lastly, I added a tiny bit of pineapple, walnuts (instead of cashews), and a couple slices of orange.

That’s it  You don’t want to cook the slaw for long- just a couple minutes to soften it up a bit.

Serve over rice, or eat on its own.  Either way it’s pretty damn delicious, and fairly healthy.

Woot woot!

Oh I almost forgot my dessert.

Super easy as welllllllllll!

It’s a twist on strawberry shortcake.  (I didn’t completely follow the recipe- I made it my own a bit.

1. Mix a cup of cool whip with a package of Vanilla pudding powder.  Mix that with a can of crushed pineapple.

2. Next, very carefully cut those sponge-cakey things you often find around the strawberries in half.  Layer on the pineapple mixture in between, then also more on top of the top layer.  On the very top add some strawberries!


Try them both.  They were so super easy, and so super delicious.

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Book #1 (well ok, if you’re keeping track it is actually book #2)

Alright, my first OFFICIAL book off the top 100 book list that I chose to read (other than the Magician’s Nephew which I did in fact read, but didn’t continue on with the rest of the series which I had totally intended to do!) is….






The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery!

Illustration by Antoine de Saint Exupery. (no copyright infringement intended!)

I really enjoyed it.  It was short, but insightful.  Realistic in a sad way too I think.  Perhaps that was the point. 

I kept wondering how the Little Prince was making it from planet to planet, then when he said how he was to return to his home I was depressed.  There is an illustration of him with ropes tied to birds in the beginning of the book.  Perhaps that was one way he travelled.  I hope so.  He was such an innocent little character, yet a quick learner.  In the last chapter I was quite surprised at how wise he had become.

I’m glad I read it, but ready for the next book! 

(On a side note, the one thing I really disliked in highschool was the aftermath of reading a novel/poem- dissecting word for word, and wrenching all the symbolism out and onto the table.  I will NOT go into great detail in my blog posts, BUT those of you who were excited to read with me, if you want to discuss something- COMMENT!  We’ll discuss it! 🙂  I just don’t want to be the one to start the discussions.)

Alright, so I’m onto a “my choice book”.  I forget what it’s called at the moment, but it’s supposed to be good.  Something about a book club in Guernsey…does that make sense?  Does anyone know if I’m close? 😛

Any suggestions on what to read off the list next?  (Keep in mind I’m a fast reader!)

EFT out.

FYI- I googled it and it’s called “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society”.  Same difference.


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Fascinated by Fascinators!


I was one of the one-third of the world that got up super early to watch Prince William marry the stunning Kate Middleton!  Sigh.  Well, this post is not about to dissect all that was royal, but it’s here to mention one of my obsessions- fascinators! 

I didn’t just hop on this train after the wedding, no sirree bob, I’ve been into fascinators for about a year.  I just love them!  How could you not?  They’re fun, fresh, floral (usually), and just plain awesome!  I even  wore one to my own wedding!

Wedding fascinator!

That being said, on Friday in honour of the royal affair, I brought all my fascinators to my retail job where I was working that day, and they were all worn by staff- and the staff that didn’t end up getting one were disappointed!  Everyone loved them, and the idea of it!  Customers commented on them- we were a hit! 

Fascinators at work!

And now for your viewing pleasure here are all 7 of my fascinators:

Clashing Fascinators


Floral Fascinator


Wedding Fascinator


BIG fascinator


Simple Fascinators

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MondayMeals- Shepard’s Pie

So good!

Monday Meals!  Monday Meals!

So last week I finally got to try the recipe I’ve been wanting to do for a while- Shepard’s Pie. 

I was excited to try this one, not only because it is so yummy, but because I would also get to kill 2 birds with one stone.  1. I’ve never made Shepard’s pie before, and 2. I’ve never made mashed potatoes before!  For those of you who may not know (for whatever reason), Shepard’s pie is a 3 layer masterpiece- bottom layer of beef, then veggies, then mashed potatoes.  Mmmmm!

This week, I don’t think I’ll go through the whole recipe- you can look at it yourself if you click here!  BUT I will say this- here are a couple of things to be aware of when making this meal.

1.  I didn’t make enough mashed potatoes.  I mean I could have just used the first round, and it would have looked budget, but still tasted good.  I just didn’t want my first Shepard’s pie to go out like that though.  So after I had piled all the beef, then corn, then the potatoes I had into the dish, I left it to sit for like 30 minutes while I again, boiled water, then cooked the potatoes, then mashed them.  Ugh.  Was it worth it?  YES!  the 2nd round of potatoes were much mashier, and creamier, and better all together. (the first round were more clumpy than anything, but blended in none the less.)

2.  The recipe lied about the number of potatoes needed to make this pie. (See number 1.)

3.  Guinness tastes sooooooooooooooooooo much better when it is cooked with, rather than drinking it straight!  Ahhhhhhhhhh!  I know!  I’m Irish, but I just don’t like to drink the stuff.  Truth be told, when I visited the Guinness brewery, I wasted my whole glass of Guinness.  Didn’t really drink more than one sip!  Anywho, back to the pie- you’re probably thinking, Erin- Guinness isn’t even on the list of ingredients!  No, it’s not you’re right!  BUT I always read the suggestions or comments to the recipes, and in this case someone suggested using Guinness while cooking the beef to thicken it up.  Well, it didn’t really thicken anything up in my case (I also might not have done it correctly though), but boy did it ever smell and taste delicious!  Try it for real! Oh, I also added mushrooms and onions to the beef (not the carrots and peas).  Also, my pie was built like so (in case you didn’t figure it out already!) : bottom layer was beef, then corn, then mashed potatoes! (Just like Dad used to make!)

4.  It’s really hard to mess this up! 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alright.  That’s it for tonight.  And yes, I do know it isn’t Monday any longer, but I started writing this last night in hopes of making it before midnight and didn’t get it done!  Deal with it!


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