Monday Meals- broccoli-carrot-pork-orange-walnut stir-fry

**This post has been sitting in my drafts since Monday.  I have been trying to add pictures, but WordPress keeps telling me there is an error.  So, here’s the post sans pics, when/if I’m ever allowed to add them, I will update with lovely photos. 🙂 **


So I showed up at work last night when I wasn’t scheduled.  First time in 14 years.  Awesome.  It was exciting to know that I got the night off though.  What did I do with those extra 6 hours?  I made stir-fry.  AND dessert.  Super ambitious.

I ended up combining 2 different stir-fry recipes I found on the Kraft Canada website: Rush-Hour Stir-fry, and Citrus Pork Stir-fry.  So friggen good!

Stir-fry is easy, but this stir-fry= super duper easy.  I went to Loblaws and ended up buying carrot slaw, and broccoli slaw.  First of all, I had no idea you could buy these already made.  They’re like pre-made salad in a bag- president’s choice makes them, so they’re super cheap too.  Yay for not shredding carrots and broccoli!!  AND I already had frozen “asian style” veggies (president’s choice as well!) in the freezer, so already 75% of my ingredients done.

Ok wait.  I’m not really setting this up right.

1. I sliced 3 thin pork chops into strips, and fried with a spray oil.  This took like 4 minutes.

2. Next, I added Asian Sesame salad dressing, and soy sauce.

3. I put all my carrot slaw, and broccoli slaw into the pan.

4. Lastly, I added a tiny bit of pineapple, walnuts (instead of cashews), and a couple slices of orange.

That’s it  You don’t want to cook the slaw for long- just a couple minutes to soften it up a bit.

Serve over rice, or eat on its own.  Either way it’s pretty damn delicious, and fairly healthy.

Woot woot!

Oh I almost forgot my dessert.

Super easy as welllllllllll!

It’s a twist on strawberry shortcake.  (I didn’t completely follow the recipe- I made it my own a bit.

1. Mix a cup of cool whip with a package of Vanilla pudding powder.  Mix that with a can of crushed pineapple.

2. Next, very carefully cut those sponge-cakey things you often find around the strawberries in half.  Layer on the pineapple mixture in between, then also more on top of the top layer.  On the very top add some strawberries!


Try them both.  They were so super easy, and so super delicious.

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