September 10, 2001.


10 years ago (- 2 days) I was seeing Michael Jackson in concert with 3 friends from University.  It took us a whole day to get there.  We stayed over that night, and saw as much as we could the next day before the concert.  We took in parks,  monuments, famous stores, great food, and spectacular buildings.

Instead of staying in New York after the concert that night we decided to drive the whole night, and head back to Ontario.  (We did start school the next day after all!)

We crossed the border, stopped at a friend’s parents house for breakfast and watched the very same building we had been in less than 24 hours ago erupt in flames.  We thought it was on fire only.  We didn’t see the commotion 5 seconds before.

We listened to the second plane hit the other building while in the car on the way back to our residences.

The sightseeing was great.  The concert, phenomenal, but forever in my mind will be the tragedy that DID happened, and how our road trip could have been so much different had we not drove 10 hours in foggy weather that night.

We were amazed at how tall they were.

Hard to read, but it's the receipt for a snow globe I bought in the lobby gift shop on September 10.


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5 responses to “September 10, 2001.

  1. Lyndsay McDonald

    Every time I think of that tragedy I’m so thankful that you guys decided to drive home that night! xo

  2. Kevin Gamble

    Sweet merciful crap, I didn’t know you were there the day before. The pics you have of the WTC are a little eerie now…

  3. Matthew Thurlow

    I knew that story but the picture of the receipt is the eeriest to me.

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