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wedding wednesdays take 2…

my "craft" table


in case you haven’t noticed that is our ping pong table in the basement.  we’re definitely getting our money out of it! ha it became my scrapbooking table at the beginning of the summer, and has recently surrendered into becoming my “craft” table.  if you’ve been to our house, you’re probably saying right now “but 642 percy is a mansion- why does she need to spread all her junk on the ping pong table?”  well the answer my friends is two fold, 1. our house is not actually a mansion, and 2. from the craft table i can watch tv at the same time 🙂 yay!

sooooooooooooo, last week i had begun a super cute banner.  well, shocker here- i’m still working on it!  i’m a busy girl, and frankly i kind of forgot i wasn’t done!  don’t fret though, all the letters are FINALLY cut out, and tomorrow night i will be stringing them all together!  i will post a finished picture on the weekend…. all i can show now is how messy my craft space is.  again, shocker that it’s such a disaster i know!

letters galore!

mission #5:  still on going!

next wednesday i’ll be starting my seating chart thing where people will see what table number they are sitting at! 🙂  i just decided this week what i was doing, and i can’t wait to get started!

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wedding wednesdays take 1

inspiration for the project! 🙂

alright so we all know now that we are going to do our own centrepieces.  that’s one diy project we have on the go… another one i’ve started this week is a banner…not a frilly, girly ugly banner, but a pretty cute one (not that frilly girly banners are ugly…but you get my drift!).  kind of like banners for the 21st century!

i haven’t finished them yet, but let me tell you about my journey thus far.

first- i have to deal with bad animals.  why are my animals interfering with arts and crafts time?  because they interfere with everything.  EVERYTHING!  parker (our cat) has been constantly jumping on the table on top of everything and anything i am working on.  he jumps up, sits on the paper, then looks at me.  cute?  not really.  then there’s foster dog (as eileen likes to call him).  he gets jealous that parker is up on the table so he goes and gets his duck and expects me to sit there and repeatedly throw it for him.  when i didn’t, he decided to lay at my feet and look at me as if he was sighing, and giving up on life.  sad.

second- while working last night (and dealing with the above), every couple minutes i would be expected to look at the awesome play that the jays (or yankees), just made on the big screen.  matt i love you, but not during diy time. 😛

anywho, the banner is coming along quite well.  the letters are just about done, and all i really need now is to hook them all together.  cute!

mission #3: can’t wait to see it all finished!
flattery out.


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