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Quitting, Cupcakes, and Cuteness (in no particular order).


This blog post was written ….probably about 2 months ago-ish.  I’m now just posting it.  So sue me.  I had a couple sentences to add, and some pictures to upload, so no I didn’t just make Halloween cupcakes, but yes I am just blogging about it now.  Deal with it.

What up!

Ok so let’s chat shall we?

  1. I’ve quit Shoppers Drug Mart.
  2.  I made some awesome Halloween cupcakes.
  3. My friends all have babies.

1. Au Revoir ma famille de Pharmaprix! (Good-bye my Shoppers Drug Mart family!)


After 14+ years of service at various locations throughout southwestern Ontario, I’ve FINALLY given up my discount and polyester pants.  NO, I did not get a permanent teaching job… BUT I decided that the one or two shifts a week weren’t worth the long days and late nights, and worrying about booking off weekends, and working holidays.

What am I doing with all my extra time?  Currently, a little extra house work and a little extra baking.  Just knowing that I can come home and relax makes me feel so good though.  Yay to only having one job!! 🙂

2.  I made some super cute Halloween cupcakes, and one of my loyal followers (Hi Kristen!) requested that I blog about them!

Honestly, all they really were, were from the box chocolate cupcake mix, and creativity (and google of course!).

I just used leftover icing from other projects, moulding chocolate wafers from Micheal’s, and icing writers (the little gel tubes of icing for fine stuff).

I think if I had not left them to the very last minute they might have looked a little bit better, but for grade 4 students… they were just fine!


3.  It’s about that time…

I’m surrounded by babies!  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

I guess it’s that time in our lives where the baby clock starts ticking and reminding us that if you’d like to be a mommy or daddy, the time is upon us.  Go back a couple years, and there were wedding showers galore.  Now?  Baby showers.

Let me tell you this- my friends might have the cutest babies ever.  Just saying.  I have for real fallen in love with one in particular, possibly because I’ve been able to spend so much time with him and his mom!  This pic was taken by an awesome photographer (also a friend!) named Aunika Hinks…  if you do travel to her website (and I recommend that you do!), you will find a couple familiar faces; as I said a lot of my friends have young babies right now!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

May I present to you, my main man Cole!

He’s much bigger now!  And totally looks like a toddler instead of an infant.   So fricken cute!

Another recent baby to be welcomed to the world is Abigail, who is also on Aunika’s website!  Cute cute cute!

What is that on her head you ask?  Oh!  Why it’s a headband that I made for her!  I also made her a tutu….

I think I’m trying to make up for the fact that I’ve only met her a couple times by making her cool stuff. So far it’s working!

Anywho, that’s it for now.

New post to come soon.  For real.  I’ve been baking, and crafting, and well just enjoying life in general.  Lots of blog worthy stories to come! 🙂


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relish today, ketchup tomorrow…

mmmmm hot dogs!

… get it? ketchup tomorrow- haha

what does this have to do with today’s blogging post you ask?  well my friends a lot.

1. this week’s meal is hotdogs.  already know how to cook hotdogs?  yea me too, but here’s the thing i had never done which did make it a valid weekly meal- i had never ever used a barbecue before.  seriously.  my dad thoroughly enjoyed bbqing while growing up, so did my mom, brother, and now matt.  i’ve never really had a reason to learn how when there were so many other people around who wanted to do it.  so when we decided last sunday that we would bbq some hotdogs on what could be the last good weather barbecuing day of the year, i wanted to do it.

2. for those of you who have had the fortunate experience of growing up with me, you should know that i really really really like relish.  so much that last year while at costco, i purchased a GINORMOUS container of relish.  you know what i mean the kind that really only a restaurant or hotdog vendor would need.  not really sure what came over me, but the running joke over the last year was that we should give out relish as our favours at the wedding.  haha.  hilarious.  fyi- we are half way through the container.  so there.  i’m predicting a full finish next summer.

3. i just thought the comment was funny.  and guess where i came up with it?  i actually googled “sayings about hotdogs” in hopes to find a catchy title for this post.  did you know there is actually a company that specializes in hotdog paraphernalia.  you could purchase a mouse pad, t-shirt, pin, shoes, mug or apron if your heart so desires.

alright, back to the experience.  first, i almost set matt’s eye brows on fire- i didn’t realize that you really needed to be quick lighting the barbecue, once you’ve turned on the gas switch.  from there it was pretty uneventful.  the hotdogs weren’t frozen, so they were ready in no time.  i did end up using silver salad tongs because we couldn’t find our normal bbq tongs, and they ended up kind of ripping the hotdogs a bit.  other than that it was fine 🙂  yay hot dogs!  yay bbqs!

ohhhh, don't these look delicious?! perhaps i'll try making these!

Since it was such an “easy” “meal” i’ll see if i can make/post something else little this week to add to it like a dessert i’ve never done….

mmmm dessert.  ohhhhhhhhhh how about a pumpkin dessert of some kind in honour of halloween?!?!  yeaaaaa!

tune in tomorrow- same bat time, same bat channel.

yours truly,

epf. 😛

PS our camera died this weekend, and i can’t find our usb cord…so none of our own pictures for now 😦


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