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Post-Christmas Shenanigans


So I’ve been in Hamilton the last 4 days (finally home today!), and boy have I been busy.

On boxing day, Kathy, her mom Eileen and I participated in the Hamilton YMCA 10 mile Boxing Day Run.  ….don’t be crazy!  Of course I didn’t run it!  There is a walking start, so we walked 10 miles.  If you’re not sure how far 10 miles is , it’s 16 km.  IF you’re really not sure how far that is, well we walked at a FAST pace for 2 hours and 52 minutes.  Like I mean fast.  Sore muscles were had by all, one of us is now wrapping their ankle, and taking pain meds, and I am hearing my hip click every once in a while, which is probably good news.  I would totally do it next year.  BUT I will invest in proper “running” type clothing, as the 7 layers of clothing I wore did not keep me from having  hot and cold flashes, and lets face it, we looked like friggen 3 year old kids all bundled up in snowsuits…you know what I’m talking about- those kids who can’t lower their arms because they have so many layers on!?  Anywho, we looked ridiculous.  Everyone had like spandexy pants, and cool coats, and running belts with water bottles in them.  I want to look like I know what I’m doing you know?  And fleece sweat pants, massive vests, and scarves didn’t exactly scream experienced walkers now did it?  You live you learn.

We did get medals, and we did “finish” the “race”.  Which was our goal.  AND we finished with 7 minutes to spare!  (The finish gate was to be taken down exactly 3 hours after the start time.)  AND let me tell you we did not finish last!  There were definitely walkers and runners still behind us.

the crazy 16km route!

The day after our lovely holiday walk was spent mostly sleeping.  Seriously.  I got up at 930, went back to bed, and was woken up at 2pm by Eileen who was concerned that I wouldn’t sleep that night if I didn’t get up.  haha.

Oh, we also saw The Fighter, which wasn’t our first choice… we had gone to see The King’s Speech, but that was sold out, so we saw The Fighter, and it was AWESOME!  Sooooooooooooooo super good.  Christain Bale is friggen amazing, and should definitely win an Oscar for this role!  Marky Mark wasn’t so bad to look at either. 😛  Amy Adams I’ve decided is also a way better actress than I gave her credit for.  See ya later Rom Coms, hello Academy Awards!

Oh, and last night we had a games night which began with Family Feud on the Wii- hilarious and awesome all at once!  For real.  THEN the party split into 3 sections…1. a group of four began playing Euchre (always a great idea!), 2. another group of 4 began playing Shawn White (is that how you spell it?) snowboarding on the Wii, and 3. my group began playing Scribblish.  Do you all know what Scribblish is?  It is honestly the funniest game I have ever played.  It’s kind of like telephone but with pictures!  So everyone starts off with a caption (That you keep secret), then you draw that caption, and roll up the paper so no one can see it.  Then you trade with someone, and they look at your picture only, and try to write a caption of what they think you drew.  The next person just looks at their caption, and tries to draw their caption, then the next person writes a new caption…etc, etc. Anywho it’s like 6 or 7 switches in a round, and it turns out to be super funny when you unroll each paper with captions and pictures.  For example- one caption I had was “Bats in the attic, hippos in the basement.”  That somehow turned into “Bat crapping out a bear.”  Anyways, you gotta try it….and I guess you had to be there last night to think that last example was funny.  Whatev.  I was there and it was funny.  So funny I almost peed my pants twice.

It's by the makers of Cranium- how could it not be great!?

Our fun games night ended with another game called Blockus which I will not describe…but just say that it’s like Tetris in a board game.  Fun.   AND also everyone taking turns playing 4 player Super Mario brothers for Wii.  That is ridiculously awesome.  Especially when you pick other players up and throw them off cliffs.  Eh Joe?  (PS those other players are actually working with you on the same team, not against you! :P)

Ok, super long post, thought I should do one since people are on holidays, and some of you might want some fab reading material.  And I don’t mean the new Stephen King novel.

Oh, our wedding photographer emailed me to say the pics will be done super soon, so yayayayayayayaya!!!!  Can’t wait!  Also, I found some pics of another wedding project that Matt did (he took pictures for me so I could blog about it!).  I will post that later this week…maybe we’ll have a “Wedding Saturday”.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen goodbye.  I hate to go and leave this pretty sight.  do do do do do do do do do do do do do dooooooooo.

(Did I mention we finished off boxing day by watching (and singing along with(obv.)) The Sound of Music?!)(Well we did.)


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Only one thing in the world could’ve dragged me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window.

the so called "Electric Sex" gleaming in the window...

You’re probably thinking one of two things right now.

1.  What the F does that mean?

2.  Awesome line from a spectacularly awesome Christmas movie.

Yeppers, it’s from the christmas movie “A Christmas Story”, and yes, it is fricken awesome.  It’s set in the fifties, but shot in the eighties.  It’s also got a Wonder Years feel with an adult Ralphie narrating one of his childhood Christmas’.

It’s just awesome….and I still haven’t seen it yet this Christmas! 

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Christmas has come too fast this year?  It seems to me like it was only Hallowe’en a couple weeks ago!  No?  Well maybe it is only me.  Maybe it’s because I work in retail?  There’s really no time to stop and enjoy the season anymore…  booooo to that.  I didn’t do half of the Christmas crafts I wanted to, which bums me out. 

Crafts I wanted to do this Christmas and didn’t:

1.  Make a wreath.  I googled wreath ideas, especially on Martha’s site, but shockingly didn’t really find time to do this.  I think maybe I will before Christmas holidays over.  It’ll be a winter wreath instead of a Christmas one! 

2.  Make Christmas cards.  Yea, that’s not happening this year.  Sorry!  I hardly got out shower thank you’s before Christmas let alone making, and sending out my own cards.  I did however manage to do a 2010 Christmas card shoot with our pets.  (In case you don’t know for the last 2 years I’ve taken pics of our donkeys and made photo cards in lieu of a card with children on it (since we don’t have children!))  I was more impressed with the pic on my computer than I was after doing it on the photo machine at the store, but whatev.  SPOILER ALERT- here’s the 2010 pic!

Christmas Card 2010

Yes they are wearing scarves, and yes that is the best picture of Parker we could get.  And by we, I mean me.  It was a little hectic in our basement let me tell you, but I think the results are ok.  Obv.  I would rather them be outside with more winter clothes on, but my chalk drawn snowflakes and tree does make quite the backdrop no?

3. Christmas Gifts.  Yeppers, I wanted to attempt  to make as many gifts as I could.  Like maybe a fun head band (or fascinator as Kathy calls them), or…. ummm ok maybe that’s it.  Maybe I just wanted to make headbands with flowers and give them to everybody.  So sue me.  It didn’t happen anyways, so forget about it!

4.  Oh, this one I really did really want to do…I wanted to learn how to knit.  Our friend Sydney is AMAZING, and makes all  these super duper cute little person sweaters, and hats!  So cute I definitely want one, and I would love to learn how to make them!

5.  Not really a craft, but I wanted to decorate the outside of the house for Christmas this year.  Yes people, I, Erin absolutely LOVE Christmas, but have not lived in a house with Christmas lights on the outside in probably like 5 years.  Sad.  Very Sad.  I wanted to put them up this year, BUT then came snowmageddon, and who wants to put lights on top of snow?  Is that even safe?  I don’t know.  But it doesn’t seem safe to me.  Ohhh wait, you know who I could ask about that?  My husband.  The electrician.  I’ll get back to you on that one.

Is 5 failed ideas enough for you?  Ughhh.  I did however do a hell of a lot of baking…. and maybe that’s it.  And work.  Don’t forget work.

I will be in the Hammer for a bunch of days next week…maybe Kathy and I will do some of those crafts.  That would be fun!  AND something to blog about doing!  FYI Kathy just bought her first house, and I’ve been pressuring her to have a craft room.  Awesome idea no?  She doesn’t think so either.

I’ll take the opportunity to sign off here, and say Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays! 🙂  Enjoy the next couple days, spend it with the peeps you love, and have fun! 

PS  When I was in highschool I used try to find little ways to be different.  One of those little (and nerdy) ways was to say Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas to people.  What can I say I was a geek.

Or maybe I still am…

Merry Holidays.  EFT out.


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