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messy kitchen + stuffed peppers = monday meals #1

it’s 8:32pm, and i’m being hounded by my fans (aka 3 people on facebook), to post how my 1st monday meal went!

well my friends it was a success!  a messy success, but a success none the less!  i thought about it last week, and decided to do stuffed peppers for a couple reasons: 1. i’ve never had them before, and 2. we have a pepper plant outside that has been bursting with green peppers for the last week….as of saturday though, we used them all.  no worries metro is around the corner!  i headed to the grocery store after work , picked up some brown rice, ground chicken, 2 green peppers, onions and tomato sauce (i was loosely told a recipe at work today!).

yes, if you didn’t figure it out already i didn’t look at a recipe before grocery shopping.  silly me, but you know what i actually didn’t really follow one.  i was super worried while cooking, but as it turns out, i didn’t really have anything to worry about.

this recipe was easy peasy, and there’s not really a lot you can mess up.  i fried up the ground chicken, cooked the rice in the microwave (yes it was minute rice!), added some tomato sauce as needed…cut up some onion with the slap chop! (i’m making canada skinny again one slap at a time), and added garlic for taste.  my fingers reeeeeeeeek of garlic right now, but totally worth it.

i did kind of feel queasy while cooking everything: at first i thought it was because honestly, it all looked like puke.  picture it- tomato sauce, ground chicken, brown rice.  seriously puke!  then matt reminded me it was 29 degrees, and i had the oven at 350.  talk about heating up the place.

ok where was i?

sooooooooooo, the chicken was frying/whatever fancy cooking word you would use for that, onions and garlic thrown in to cook with it, tomato sauce simmering with the whole shabang (?spelling?!), i added the rice, and then more tomato sauce.  before i knew it, the stuffing was ready.  wow did i make a mess stuffing those suckers!  the tomato sauce was all over, meat falling out of the pan, on the floor, and onto parker’s head.  perfect.

last touch was the put cheese on top, and bake until they looked done.  for real.

the only complaint i would really have was that the peppers were a little crunchy still, but the cheese was too melted.  does that make sense?  i think next time i would definitely add the cheese when the peppers are close to being done baking.

mission #4:  success! 🙂  (with pictures to prove it!)


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