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yay to wedding projects. and when i say yay, i mean ugh…


i am getting married in october.  yay!  that i am excited about…i’m excited about marrying my fiance, i am excited about having a massive party, and i am excited about choosing everything and making it our own day.  however, i have decided to have lots of diy projects.  first i wanted specific invites, which one of my bridesmaids ended up doing for us- thanks lyndsay!  they are beautiful!  next i wanted to do our own centrepieces for a couple reasons…1. not sure if you know this, but flowers are expensive, 2. i wanted something specific, and thought it looked pretty easy to do.

i wanted wheatgrass centrepieces…i saw them online from another wedding, and thought it was simple and looked great!  who knew wheatgrass seeds would be so hard to find?!  so the wedding is in 2 months, and i have yet to find the actual thing the centrepieces will be made out of, and therefore yet to do any test runs.


mission #2:  grow centrepieces.

so far, not so good.



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