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Monday Meals live from NOLA!

….ok so when I say live, I mean like 2 weeks ago.  It was live when I took the pictures though.

Soooooooooooo, this whole thing started when on the second day in NOLA, we (Sandra, Derek and I), went out for breakfast.  Sandra was excited for this bagel/cheese/egg thing BUT it was no longer on their menu.  Hence our Monday Meal!

Our Monday Meal today (on Tuesday/almost Wednesday) is an eggel.  Well, that’s what I’m calling it.  It’s basically a bagel cut in half with an egg cracked in the hole, then covered in cheese, and broiled so it’s all cheesy, eggy, goodness!


Grate some cheese.

Next, cut the bagles in half, and place them flat side down. Oh, wait- first grease the pan! Next actually crack 2 eggs into a bowl, and stir. Then pour a bit of egg mixture into each bagel hole.

Let it fry for a bit so all the egg is cooked. It may leak out the bottom, but that's ok, it will still stick to the bagel.

After egg is fully cooked, put bagels on cookie sheet and cover with cheese. Broil until cheese has melted!


There ya have it folks.  Eggels.  Delicious!  I promise!  I ended up making these for Bai in San Fran, and he loved it!

Ok, that’s it for now yo. 

Check ya later.

PS- Trip photos to come, food photos to come (I’ve tried lots of new things!), and hopefully  some more crafting to come really soon!

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Monday meals….

Ok Monday meals is delayed due to a missing cord that connects my camera to the computer. :@

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tuesday meal…still in progress.

the finished product!

things i have learned from making quiche:

1. make sure your pie plate fits the ready-made pie crust you bought from the grocery store

2. onions can actually make you “cry”

3. make sure you don’t put too much milk/egg mixture in your pie crust, unless you are looking forward to cleaning your oven the next day

4.  what exactly a sauce pan is

sigh.  (is it just me, or is that how i start out most of my posts?!)

alright, so i worked until 10 last night, which is why monday meals is on tuesday this week.  i started pretty late tonight, and as of 10pm, the quiche is still baking! (i started an hour and a half ago!)

i actually followed a recipe this week, which is linked below.  pretty easy instructions, pretty simple ingredients.  broccoli, cheese, milk, onion, garlic, butter and eggs.  simple enough no?


so i basically grabbed a sauce pan (for those of you that don’t know- a sauce pan is kind of like a frying pan, but wil higher edges.  i did not know that before!), and put butter, onions and garlic in it.  pretty soon, the kitchen smelled great.  next went the broccoli.  still smelling good!


next i put the store-bought pie crust into the only empty pie plate i could find; my usual was already in use with cheesecake from the weekend!  it was clear that the pie crust was too big for the plate.  so i just pushed it in.  problem solved.  after the broccoli mixture had cooked a bit i poured it into the pie crust.  next i mixed eggs, and milk together with a whisk (who knew i would use it so much eh Lyndsay?!).  my next step is where all my problems started.

so when i pushed in the pie crust to fit the pie plate it didn’t really occur to me that i would probably need to adjust the amount of egg mixture going in.  i emptied the whole mixture into the pie crust, and immediately there was a flood!  egg was friggen everywhere.  i went through like half a paper towel roll, no exaggeration.  i tried to drain stuff out, but didn’t want to lose any cheese!


so when i thought i had it under control, i picked it up and put it in the oven.  5 minutes later i went to check to see what it was doing… egg flood all over the bottom of the oven.  like all over the oven.  did i take it out?  nope.  i just left it to bake. 🙂

i guess the oven could have used a good scrub anyways...

so 30 minutes later, it’s clearly still not ready (directions said to cook for 30 minutes or until centre is set).  so i left it for another 5, then another 5, then another….you get where i’m going here.  the pie crust was brown, but the middle was still a little watery!  tip for those thinking they will attempt it in the future- maybe don’t use skim milk?!  also, make sure you don’t over fill your pie crust!  the stupid thing baked for about an hour, before i had to take it out so the crust wouldn’t burn.  as of right now i still haven’t eaten anything- its cooling.  it’s also 10:14pm.  what did matt have for dinner you ask?  cinnamon toast crunch.  he’s also already in bed.

personally it still smells super good, so i am still excited to eat it, but i’m not expecting anything spectacular.

monday meals #2:  meh.  i’ll let you know how it actually tasted as soon as i get to eat it!

UPDATE: the quiche is a little moist still, but great!  pretty flavourful 🙂


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messy kitchen + stuffed peppers = monday meals #1

it’s 8:32pm, and i’m being hounded by my fans (aka 3 people on facebook), to post how my 1st monday meal went!

well my friends it was a success!  a messy success, but a success none the less!  i thought about it last week, and decided to do stuffed peppers for a couple reasons: 1. i’ve never had them before, and 2. we have a pepper plant outside that has been bursting with green peppers for the last week….as of saturday though, we used them all.  no worries metro is around the corner!  i headed to the grocery store after work , picked up some brown rice, ground chicken, 2 green peppers, onions and tomato sauce (i was loosely told a recipe at work today!).

yes, if you didn’t figure it out already i didn’t look at a recipe before grocery shopping.  silly me, but you know what i actually didn’t really follow one.  i was super worried while cooking, but as it turns out, i didn’t really have anything to worry about.

this recipe was easy peasy, and there’s not really a lot you can mess up.  i fried up the ground chicken, cooked the rice in the microwave (yes it was minute rice!), added some tomato sauce as needed…cut up some onion with the slap chop! (i’m making canada skinny again one slap at a time), and added garlic for taste.  my fingers reeeeeeeeek of garlic right now, but totally worth it.

i did kind of feel queasy while cooking everything: at first i thought it was because honestly, it all looked like puke.  picture it- tomato sauce, ground chicken, brown rice.  seriously puke!  then matt reminded me it was 29 degrees, and i had the oven at 350.  talk about heating up the place.

ok where was i?

sooooooooooo, the chicken was frying/whatever fancy cooking word you would use for that, onions and garlic thrown in to cook with it, tomato sauce simmering with the whole shabang (?spelling?!), i added the rice, and then more tomato sauce.  before i knew it, the stuffing was ready.  wow did i make a mess stuffing those suckers!  the tomato sauce was all over, meat falling out of the pan, on the floor, and onto parker’s head.  perfect.

last touch was the put cheese on top, and bake until they looked done.  for real.

the only complaint i would really have was that the peppers were a little crunchy still, but the cheese was too melted.  does that make sense?  i think next time i would definitely add the cheese when the peppers are close to being done baking.

mission #4:  success! 🙂  (with pictures to prove it!)


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wedding wednesdays and monday meals

he's definitely having a great long weekend...

thanks to facebook, the number of people reading my blog has increased substantially….so i guess i better actually start making stuff!

i’ve decided to start blogging at least 2 days a week- the first being mondays, where i will attempt a new recipe kind of like “Julie and Julia”. then on wednesdays i will post about wedding projects on the go….since there are (or will be starting super duper soon) oh so many.

since tomorrow is a holiday monday, monday meals will have to wait a week to begin… 🙂

hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend!

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