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$h*! my Students Say.

As a supply teacher, I get to meet many different children of all ages, on a daily basis.   I also get to hear many questions, statements, opinions, and thoughts in general that are quite ridiculous/hilarious/shocking/and just plain awesome.  This blog post my friends, is an homage to those students and their thoughts….

  • “Ms. F you look like you’re a lot younger there.”  (after seeing a picture of me at my wedding (a month before)…back-handed compliment, or just sad about how I look on a daily basis?! haha
  • student: “Erin!”  me: “Oh, we can’t call me by my first name today- I’m your teacher!”  student: “Oh, ok.  Everyone this is my aunt, Mrs. E”.  (After teaching my niece for a class)
  • “F*ck off.”  (for real, and quite a bit actually.)
  • Me: “I don’t want to hear your voice for the rest of the movie.” Student: “I don’t want to hear yours either.” (Maybe my favourite.)
  • student: “and I was like whatever bitch”  me: “Ummm, did you realize there’s a teacher right behind you?”  student: “Oh sh*t sorry!  I thought you were a student!”  (lunch room duty in a grade 8 class)
  • this one didn’t happen to me, but a friend….  student: “I don’t like the sound of your name, but I sure do like the look of you” (a grade one said that beaut.)
  • “Hey Mrs. Flowery!”  (last name = Flattery)
  • “Maybe I’ll listen to you when you’re a real teacher.” (Another wonderful grade 8 student)
  • “Ohhhhhh.  Your scarf is just beautiful!”  This was a kindergartener (boy!) who said this as he was stroking the scarf in his hand.
  • “Are you and my real teacher sisters?  Cause you look the same, but she’s got wrinkles, so she must be older.” (grade one)

These next 2 aren’t from my students, but my nephews on Christmas this year…

  • “All I wanted was money.  I just wanted money!”  (4 year old boy after getting some Mac trucks as his gift.)
  • “How did you know?!”  (different nephew after we gave him DS games for the DS Santa gave him that morning!) 🙂

I know I’ve got soooooo many more, but do you think I can remember them now that I want to?  nope.

If any of you teachers have some of your own funny comments from kids, reply!  We’ll see how many we can add to the list! 🙂


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