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jeez louise!

i decided to skip the blog for this week due to overnight shifts, and dress fittings.  that was a mistake.  apparently my group of 5 followers wouldn’t let it be, so here i am at 11pm on friday night popping out a blog post :).

this post is just going to be an update on my busy life, as i still haven’t put together pics from sandra’s wedding, AND i will definitely do a monday/tuesday meals next week!  promise!

things i feel i should blog about tonight:

1.  i am sorely disappointed in martha stewart.  seriously.

2.  how fashion forward i have become this week.

3. the western fair.

alright, let’s get this post going!

1.  martha martha martha!  last week,  you all read about my pom-pom experience and how i was praising martha stewart for being so…martha!  you all know what i mean.  martha is awesomely fantastic in all that she does.  so last week when i saw the annual hallowe’en issue of martha’s magazine come out, i first squealed in delight (of course), then purchased it immediately.  that’s where the excitement stopped.  i have bought the last 2 annual hallowe’en issues, and love them!  i’ve read them about 100 times each, and love love love the ideas in them!  LOVE!  when i opened up this year’s issue, i found that all the magazine was, was a repeat of the last 2 issues put into 1 issue!!!!!  wtf?!  and it was a $9 magazine!  come on martha!  can’t you come up with new ideas?  seriously!  the food ideas were the same, the costume ideas- same!  decor ideas…you guessed- SAME!  sigh.  i was pissed.  luckily i work at a store and was able to get my friggen money back.  i will be honest, 1% of the mag’s ideas were new, but not clearly not enough for a whole magazine, hence the repeats i’m guessing.  friggen martha.  she’ll have to earn back my trust i think.

yes. this IS what i look like in tights! 😛 haha

2.  on wednesday of this past week i wore leggings for the first time since grade six….in public!  haha.  yea yea, i know you’re probably saying duh erin, they’ve been “cool” for like 2 years.  well my friends, i have finally joined the year 2010.  and i’m glad to be here.

3.  tonight i had the opportunity to work at the shoppers booth at the western fair.  it was a nice change of pace, and let’s face it- fair food is the bomb.  who doesn’t like fair food?!  sausage on a bun, candy corn, fudge, deep fried anything!  love it!  i didn’t indulge in all those food choices…i was only there for 5 hours, and frankly, that would have been disgusting!  but i did get a chance to have a sausage on a bun, and an elephant ear! 🙂  while in line for an elephant ear i did notice that they also now sell….drum roll please!!!   deep fried…..butter!  blech!  i almost got it just to see why someone would ever think of doing that!  and you know what?  people were eating it!  they basically cover the butter in dough, deep fry it, and put chocolate, or whatever you want on it….they end up looking like chicken balls.  ugh.  if anyone out there has ever tried it, let’s hear what it tastes like!  was it worth the $6?!


that’s it for now… see ya on monday!

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tuesday meal (again) #4


i’m thinking of changing the title of monday meals to weekly meals. haha  i always seem to have something going on, on mondays!  last night was not an exception- i worked the dreaded overnight shift at work….and it was ok.  i was however feeling like i was drunk for the first hour after waking up at 2pm today, but that’s cool.

today’s meal is according to the kraft website,  budget wi$e.  and for the most part it was.  again, i chose an easy recipe.

oh wait- i’m watching the office, and the one where dwight creates a  fake fire is on- who has seen it? for reals it’s the funniest thing on tv i’ve ever seen!


ok, i digress. back to the meal!

i decided to do a foil pack meal… where you basically throw everything in a foil pack, and bake it in the oven.  never done one before, and thought it looked neat.  i will link the recipe below in case you want to attempt it yourself as well.


it’s basically chicken, rice, artichoke, tomatoes, pesto, and italian dressing.  honestly, it was mega easy.  you really just throw the rice, chicken, artichoke, and tomatoes into a foil piece for each serving, and combing the dressing and pesto, and pour it onto each serving.  that my friends didn’t look appetizing, but what raw food does?  am i right?


once it’s all in the pack, you fold it up, leaving room for “circulation”?!, then 35 minutes later you take it out of the oven.

OH- i almost forgot!  i found that i have learned something from making these weekly meals- never over fill whatever you are making!  when i started wrapping up the first pack, i realized it was too full, and it started leaking everywhere.  instead of just dabbing it up, and cooking anyways, i repacked it so it wouldn’t F-up the oven again.  yea to learning something this week! 😛

booya.  dinner done.

conclusion:   tastes pretty good.  the clean up was definitely easy, as there were really no dishes to clean up.  it did taste a little tangy almost, which could have come from a number of ingredients- the pesto, the artichokes, or the fact that the tomatoes were marinated in garlic.  over all great, but i think i would go with another kind of flavour next time.



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