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Guest Post- Bottled Water by Sandy E.


alright yo, Erin here.  My friend Sandra (who I visited in New Orleans last month) just watched a documentary and was pretty full of rage after seeing it.  She is super duper smart, and works in environmental science.  These are her feelings on the documentary and on bottled water in general.

Alright, so I just watched a documentary called “Tapped” which is all about bottled water, so now I am writing a note about it.  If i had a blog, I would probably blog about it, but I don’t so I can’t and I need to vent.  My husband is in another country so he isn’t around to hear me all up in arms about bottled water so I am left ranting to you!

Alright here is the deal

1) city water is safe – your city tests your water.  They are required to by law and they test like 100 parameters or something like that (alright i don’t know exact numbers because I am not at work right now but its a lot) to make sure your water doesn’t have high amounts of nasty bacteria, or weirdo chemicals

2) you ALREADY PAY FOR TAP WATER — its in your taxes, unless you don’t pay taxes…in which case, you will pay for it one day when you do pay taxes

3) The mark up for the price on bottled water is something ridiculous like 1000% or more…for real, it takes the company a few cents to make it and they sell it to you for like $2.00….

4) that is super ridiculous because 40% of bottled water comes from a CITY SOURCE ANYWAY….that’s right, they take your water, sometimes filter it (like a brita but not), and then sell it to you for way way more….

5) only like 50% of bottles world-wide are recycled, and the thing is the plastic that they use for bottled water is not that high quality, so it can never be a plastic bottle again, it will be something less (it’s called down-cycling) , whereas a glass bottle can be a glass bottle again

6) a lot of plastic bottles (and really just plastic in general people…ahh i hate plastic) will end up in land fills or the ocean! in the ocean they break down and animals eat them, get sick and die, which depletes fish stocks and wildlife in general

7) they don’t really know anything about the safety of long term drinking of bottled water, and some studies have found carcinogens and other nasty chemicals in bottled water

alright so what i am saying here is drink tap water! If you don’t like the chlorine taste, leave a jug in the fridge, chlorine will evaporate out of your water after a short amount of time and your water won’t taste so chloriney anymore!

So there. 

Hope you enjoyed her rant.  She is thinking of starting her own blog on being more green at home.  I would read it if I were you!  When she gets going with it, I will let you know!

I did a Monday meal last night.  I will write that up, and post it either later tonight, or at some point tomorrow!

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