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In 2012…..

New Years Resolutions.

I’ve made them, you’ve made them.  I’ve  kept some, and (clearly) broke some.  We all have.  I’m going to attempt to make and keep some new ones for 2012.

But Erin, what are some resolutions you’ve made in the past?

Mmmmm Salt!

  • To eat less salt.  Believe it or not I’ve actually kept that one up for the most part.  In high school I use to salt stuff so much that it was inedible to everyone except myself.  Seriously.
  • To be more fun.  I think I kept that one up?  You tell me.

Fun, or just plain ridiculous?!

  • To speak my mind more.  I think I was pretty successful on that one.  This was actually one from last January.  I feel like this year was one of the first years I wasn’t really a push over.  Maybe I was wrong…
  • To be healthier.  Isn’t this always a resolution?!

Ok,  so here are this years resolutions…

  • To be healthier.  I’ve not really been successful over the last couple years.  I’ve obviously gained some weight over the last little while (who’s kidding who!), and I’ve GOT to get that under control.  My skinny little legs were not made to carry my watermelon like mid-section.  For reals.  It’s depressing.  Physical activity has to go up, and eating better needs to become more of a priority.
  • To become more GREENIt’s not terribly hard to consciously be more environmentally aware.  I hope to walk more places (instead of driving to the corner store- which I do a lot), be more aware of my electricity usage, and well I’m going to talk to my knowledgeable friend Sandra about it really.  She’ll give me some great ideas.  

  • To do more stuff.  Sitting on the couch, or our big leather recliner, is comfy and all, but I need to be more active.  Not even just in the physical sense, but mentally as well.  I love DIYing, but I don’t do a whole lot of it.  Lots can be done around the house, and there are many projects that I can do to take off Matt’s plate.  First on my docket… well ok I’m torn.  I really want to paint the spare room, but I also really want some hooks up in the bathroom (no it’s not painted yet- but I’m going crazy not being able to hang up any towels!!).  What would you do first?
  • Really work on getting my student debt down.  Just thinking about it stresses me out!  I need to get serious about it!

Phew, ok so 4 really doable resolutions no?

I think so.

Let’s hear some of your resolutions!  Do you ever keep them?  OR are you a breaker like most of us! 😛

E.Flatts out.


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$h*! my Students Say.

As a supply teacher, I get to meet many different children of all ages, on a daily basis.   I also get to hear many questions, statements, opinions, and thoughts in general that are quite ridiculous/hilarious/shocking/and just plain awesome.  This blog post my friends, is an homage to those students and their thoughts….

  • “Ms. F you look like you’re a lot younger there.”  (after seeing a picture of me at my wedding (a month before)…back-handed compliment, or just sad about how I look on a daily basis?! haha
  • student: “Erin!”  me: “Oh, we can’t call me by my first name today- I’m your teacher!”  student: “Oh, ok.  Everyone this is my aunt, Mrs. E”.  (After teaching my niece for a class)
  • “F*ck off.”  (for real, and quite a bit actually.)
  • Me: “I don’t want to hear your voice for the rest of the movie.” Student: “I don’t want to hear yours either.” (Maybe my favourite.)
  • student: “and I was like whatever bitch”  me: “Ummm, did you realize there’s a teacher right behind you?”  student: “Oh sh*t sorry!  I thought you were a student!”  (lunch room duty in a grade 8 class)
  • this one didn’t happen to me, but a friend….  student: “I don’t like the sound of your name, but I sure do like the look of you” (a grade one said that beaut.)
  • “Hey Mrs. Flowery!”  (last name = Flattery)
  • “Maybe I’ll listen to you when you’re a real teacher.” (Another wonderful grade 8 student)
  • “Ohhhhhh.  Your scarf is just beautiful!”  This was a kindergartener (boy!) who said this as he was stroking the scarf in his hand.
  • “Are you and my real teacher sisters?  Cause you look the same, but she’s got wrinkles, so she must be older.” (grade one)

These next 2 aren’t from my students, but my nephews on Christmas this year…

  • “All I wanted was money.  I just wanted money!”  (4 year old boy after getting some Mac trucks as his gift.)
  • “How did you know?!”  (different nephew after we gave him DS games for the DS Santa gave him that morning!) 🙂

I know I’ve got soooooo many more, but do you think I can remember them now that I want to?  nope.

If any of you teachers have some of your own funny comments from kids, reply!  We’ll see how many we can add to the list! 🙂


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here goes nothing!

ok, so I really like reading blogs.
i have a short list of some that i read everyday. religiously. about a month or so ago a wise person told me that anyone can write a blog- you just have to know what you’re passionate about.
well, i am passionate about the tv show lost, but that’s over.
i’m passionate about my friends and family. but i don’t think that would be an easy thing to blog about.  i’m also passionate about inserting smiley face emoticons whenever i write on the computer.  again, not so great to blog about.
i’ve got some pretty entertaining stories about my job (supply teaching), but that might get me into trouble.

the more i thought about it, the harder this blog thing seemed.

then it hit me.

this may seem silly, but just humour me for a minute-

there are often things that i see in stores/on tv/or just around in general, that i find myself saying “i could totally make that!” usually for various reasons.
sometimes it’s because they are so ridiculously super expensive. sometimes it really just looks easy and other times these things look  like they could just be fun!

sooooooooooo, in comes the blog idea. i thought i could write about stuff that i think i could make or do…. and actually do or make some of those things.

sounds boring? lets just wait and see!

mission 1: write a blog.

so far, so good.

ps  if you have an idea that i could try, i will def. consider it!  (just make sure it’s do-able!) 🙂


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