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Big City, Bright Lights


The capital city of Ontario.

A city that I recently had the chance to live in for about 2 weeks!¬† No, Matt and I didn’t move there, I was working in the T dot and stayed with a friend (Thanks Sandra!!) ūüôā

I’ve kind of always been jealous of people that live in big cities.¬† They’ve just always seemed so grown up!¬† Taking the subway, visiting museums and art galleries, moving about amongst a bazillion people… I don’t know.¬† I’ve always thought it would be so glamorous.

Now let me tell you about my experience living in Toronto.

1.¬† Commuting is a M—– F—–!

That’s right, you read that right.¬† How long was my commute you ask?¬† That’s not important.¬† Well ok, yes it is.¬† According to Google map, it should have only took 16 minutes daily.¬† Would you like to know how long it actually took?

55 minutes.¬† Yes, that includes a short stop at a Tim Horton’s drive thru, but come on.¬† That’s ridiculous.¬† And frustrating.¬† I really do not know how people do it daily.¬† If it wasn’t for funny morning talk show hosts, I would not have survived the tail-gating, cell phone driving, too slow, don’t let anyone merge, dumb ass drivers.¬† (not to stereotype Toronto drivers because I KNOW not everyone is like this, however these are what the ones that I encountered were doing) Sigh.

2.¬† There are just soooooooooo many people!!!¬† (I guess that perhaps ties in with number 1 now doesn’t it?!)

3.¬† You can’t go anywhere between 5 and 7pm.¬† (I guess that really does tie in again with number 1 and 2 doesn’t it? haha)¬† If we needed to go groccery shopping, or out for food, we needed to go after 7, otherwise you end up sitting in traffic forever.¬† Then again, that’s only if you’re driving a car.¬† If you take public transit somewhere, you’re probably ok….but it would still be super busy (refer back to number 1 and 2).

So overall it really does look like my problem with Toronto is that there’s so many people.¬† I guess I’m really just used to sharing my space with under 500, 000.¬† Not the 2,615,060 that live in Toronto. (WOW!¬† I didn’t really think it was that many!- that’s according to Google FYI as of 2011.)

What I did like about the T dot is that although Sandra lives in a highrise condo, there was a super cute park that EVERYONE in the neighborhood went to, to walk their dogs.¬† It was full of adorable dogs in all sizes just running around, and being cute.¬† So clearly people in big cities don’t let small homes effect whether or not they are going to have pets!

So, I hate people, but love dogs.

That about wraps up this post.

I’m hoping that now my summer course is done, I can bust out a couple more posts this summer…since I haven’t done so since January! (Ooops!)

EPFT out.

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Fascinated by Fascinators!


I was one of the one-third of the world that got up super early to watch Prince William marry the stunning Kate Middleton!¬† Sigh.¬† Well, this post is not about to dissect all that was royal, but it’s here to mention one of my obsessions-¬†fascinators!¬†

I didn’t just hop on this train after the wedding, no sirree bob, I’ve been into fascinators for about a year.¬† I just love them!¬† How could you not?¬† They’re fun, fresh, floral (usually), and just plain awesome!¬† I even¬† wore one to my own wedding!

Wedding fascinator!

That being said, on Friday in honour of the royal affair, I brought all my fascinators¬†to my retail job where I was working that day, and they were all worn by staff-¬†and the staff that didn’t end up getting one were disappointed!¬† Everyone loved them, and the idea of it!¬† Customers commented on them- we were a hit!¬†

Fascinators at work!

And now for your viewing pleasure here are all 7 of my fascinators:

Clashing Fascinators


Floral Fascinator


Wedding Fascinator


BIG fascinator


Simple Fascinators

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